Pretec releases first 8GB SDHC card

If you're someone who really needs the ability to take several hundred photos (or extremely high res photos) while you're in the field, then you may want to drop the three bills for Pretec's 8GB SD card, the first like it that we've seen so far. Pretec says that its card is the largest SD card in the world and is fully compliant with the SD 2.0 (SDHC) specification, and has access speeds up to 20MB per second. While Pretec says you can order one "for sampling," they won't be mass produced until later this year. Unfortunately, SDHC cards aren't backwards compatible, so it looks like we'll have to stick with classic SD cards for our Treos and cameras. We also noticed while checking out Pretec's site that it'll be releasing a 16GB flash drive tomorrow at the IFA show in Berlin, which the company claims is the biggest in the world (and we know that's obviously not the case). No mention of the price yet, but again, like its little cousin, will be available later this year. Man, just a few months ago that we saw the first 4GB SD cards; anyone figured out the Moore's Law for flash memory yet?

[Via Geekzone]