Panasonic's EU3002 computerized mattress

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Here you go folks, a computerized mattress for your computer bed from none other than that Japanese consumer electronics powerhouse, Panasonic. While it's not the strangest thing to come from Japan, it ranks. To protect your nightly crash, the EU3002 delivers eight programable airbags which change in size and shape as you snooze through the different phases of sleep. The airbags around your waist and shoulders begin to inflate when it's time to awake, hopefully before you slide out the other end like a flacid burrito expulsion. And yeah, the mattress can be heated at the feet or along its entirety if that's your issue. Still, for $2,200, you'd think they could integrate a wireless remote, right? Then again, maybe that top-center graphic is a clue to the value-add. Dropping 10th October in fulfillment of all your sick inflatable fantasies.

[Via The Raw Feed]
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