Puyo Pop celebrates 15 years with new game [update]

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David Hinkle
September 18th, 2006
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Puyo Pop celebrates 15 years with new game [update]
If there is one thing we here at DS Fanboy love, it's Phoenix Wright. If there's a second thing, it has got to be puzzle games. As such, the recent announcement that a new Puyo Pop game was coming to Japan on December 14th complete with Wi-Fi gameplay was enough to send the staff into convulsions, dropping to the floor with so much of a thud as a dead fish (we can't be fish, how would we type?!).

This time around, Sega hopes to spice up the gameplay by having the board flip upside-down during the match. This will obviously cause more tension in the game, which is already a nail-biter as is. We can confidently say that we will be importing this game come December 14th, but how about you guys and gals?

[Via Go Nintendo]

[Update: Pesky sentence fragments. It has been repaired, thanks GamingBurrito!]
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