WoW TCG preview: Starfire

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|09.18.06

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WoW TCG preview: Starfire
I admit -- I had to log on to my druid to remind myself what Starfire was in the online game. Moonfire, sure, everyone knows about that, but Starfire? It's an arcane damage spell with a long cast time and high damage -- but the lengthy cast time tends to mean that I tend to use Wrath (a shorter cast time, but lower damage) whenever I'm in caster form. However, the version of Starfire that finds itself in the TCG is a bit more interesting. Mimicking the in-game ability, it costs a lot of resources (6 resources probably compares equitably to the 3.5 second cast time the spell has online) and does a good amount of damage (5). But there's an added bonus -- after casting Starfire you get a chance to draw a card. And when cards represent all the damage you can do, the resources you can draw upon, and the quests you can complete, this is nothing but a good thing.
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