360 FIFA gets 1/4 the leagues of PS2, Xbox [update 1]

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360 FIFA gets 1/4 the leagues of PS2, Xbox [update 1]
Leave it to EA to prove that they are still the "evil" EA. Long story short, EA has completely nerfed the "exclusive" 360 version of FIFA 07. For this wonderful exclusive, EA has decided to remove an entire 18 soccer leagues, leaving the 360 with a paltry 7. Even the 7 is misleading, as one of those leagues has only one team in it. One team! On top of all this, the 360 version is also getting less than half of the stadiums of it's last gen brethren (21 compared to 47 on Xbox and PS2). Granted, we're all Americans here at 360 Fanboy, and thus not soccer fans by default, but this is ri-goddamn-diculous.

Anybody else want to bet that EA just might be expecting us to buy the missing content with MS Points? Shame on you EA. Why release the game at all?

[Via Xboxic]

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