Joystiq blogger bio: Blake Snow

I am fortunate enough to earn a living as a web consultant while working from home. I'm a graduate from BYU's school of business ('04), a husband and father of one, a freelance writer, and avid blogger. Here are some highlights from my gaming past and present:

  • First game experience: I faintly remember scoring a used 2600 and a butt-load of games from my grandpa at a very young age. I also remember playing some soccer game on an unidentified multi-button white controller with a wooden console circa 1984; to this day I have no idea what it was.

  • Games that changed me: Pitfall (Atari 2600), Skee Ball (Arcade), Spy Hunter (Arcade) Golden Axe (Arcade), Kung Fu (NES), Super Mario Brothers (NES), Zelda (NES), Tecmo Bowl (NES), Tetris (GB), Black Cauldron (IBM PC Jr.), Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis), Mortal Kombat (Arcade), Doom II (PC), Flashback (Genesis), Donkey Kong Country (SNES), Jet Moto (PSX), Twisted Metal (PSX), Tomb Raider (PSX), NiGHTS (Saturn), Zelda: Wind Waker (GCN), Unreal Tournament (PC), Metroid Prime (GCN), RE4 (GCN), Shadow of the Colossus (PS2), Kirby: Canvas Curse (DS).

  • Potential sources of bias and conflicts of interest: (1) I blog for Infendo, which is a Nintendo enthusiast community that I consider myself a part of; (2) I blog for GigaGamez, which is a business-oriented game blog; (3) I fear monopolies and appreciate strong competition as a consumer; (4) I like precedence; (5) I have been known to be overly critical and a bit inflammatory at times but generally view passionate criticism as a good thing; (6) I tend to follow console news more closely than PC/Mac gaming news. (7) I quit playing video games in pursuit of rockstardom among other things from 1998-2000; (8) I don't take games too seriously.

  • Why I'm blogging about games: I am passionate about video games as an entertainment medium and enjoy voicing my opinion on the subject. I have consistently followed the industry (with exception to my aforementioned departure) from a young age when magazines were the only source of information on company happenings. Covering and following gaming, for me, is almost as fun as playing.

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