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Meet your new electric and biodiesel Harley

Meet your new electric and biodiesel Harley
Cyrus Farivar
Cyrus Farivar|September 19, 2006 1:36 AM
We love electric cars as much as the next guy; unfortunately most of them just don't have what we in the biz call "zazz", y'know? But an electric Harley-Davidson: now that's something special. Although it's not officially endorsed by the Milwaukee headquarters, that hasn't stopped Carl Vogel of Long Island from building a green-friendly hog by tearing out the usual gasoline motor from a stock Harley chassis and replacing it with an electric motor that can achieve 85 mph. But don't be ready to toss your classic Harley aside just yet, as the electric version only has a range of 60 miles traveling at 55 mph; to boost that distance, Vogel coverted a sidecar into a biodiesel engine that can recharge the batteries while he rides. Eyeing one? Vogel told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he'd be quitting his job as a teacher by 2007 to start making diesel motorcycles full-time at a retail price of $30,000 to $40,000, but he didn't mention if he's going to be selling the electric ones too. No word on whether Vogel's challenged Willie Nelson to a biodiesel drag race yet, though.

[Via Treehugger, thanks Christine L.]