So, where the hell are our Core 2 Duo MacBooks?

The funny thing that happened when Apple decided to make the switch to Intel was they couldn't any longer espouse the merits of their typically non-standard processor architectures as, um, apples and oranges with PCs. In other words, Apple had to start keeping up with the jonses in a very flat, discernible, and easily quantifiable way: PC speed benchmarks (which were made even easier with Boot Camp). So yeah, you could say we find it a little odd that since being announced in late July (i.e. two months in real-life time, or six years in Engadget time) and shipping in August, we've yet to see only one prominent manufacturer neglect to launch some Core 2 Duo laptops of their own. So it's on shaky faith we tell you that the latest in an already irritatingly long line of C2D MacBook (Pro) rumors has Cupertino's entire line of laptops done with the damned upgrades, and company just waiting on the marketing department to line 'em up and knock 'em out. Of course, it would be market-suicide if they didn't launch these before the holiday season (unless they wanted to bundle them with Vista that is -- we kid!), so don't be surprised if you wake up to some new Apple laptops any day now.

[Thanks, Chris]