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Delphi's SkyFi 3 spotted

It's sure been a while, but Delphi is finally getting around to updating their SkyFi series with the new SkyFi 3 portable player, and the folks at managed to get their hands on one for a little bit of alone time. They definitely like what they see, and while the bigger screen makes the device a decent bit larger than the Inno and Helix players, the unit should make for a good roadtrip companion, while still managing some portable action in a pinch. The 30-minute pause buffer is great for when you need to make a call or talk to your fellow car-riding companions, and the 8 hour battery isn't terrible for some pre-recorded XM action on the go. Unfortunately, the SkyFi 3 doesn't include a built-in antenna, so you'll have to strap on a dorky Wearable Kit (not included) to get live XM radio, and the battery can only handle 90 minutes of that. Luckily, the car kit is included, and the $200-ish price isn't too bad for what you're getting, so if it suits your purposes, it at least shouldn't break the bank.

[Via Orbitcast]