Delphi's SkyFi3: the first portable XM radio and MP3 player with removable storage

With production back in full swing, Delphi looks set to drop the SkyFi3 into the XM Satellite Radio mix. While not officially announced, you can find the portable unit with car kit up on JJI Electronics website (and others) ready for pre-order. For a low, low $200, you'll get a 2.8-inch screen, 30-minute pause and replay, 5-hour rechargeable battery, car kit with remote control, and just like the Pioneer Inno, the ability to tag songs you hear on XM for later purchase on Napster. Not bad right? But what makes this pup hot is that it looks to be the first satellite radio with removable storage for storing up to 10 hours of XM programming or as many MP3, WMA, or WAV files as you can stuff onto a $90 or so 2GB microSD card. First shipments are expected in late October -- assuming the RIAA doesn't step in, that is. Another picture with home kit and car kit docks after the break.

[Via orbitcast, Thanks Michael P]