Panasonic's DMR-BW200 and BR100 Blu-ray and hard disk recorders

We peeped a mock-up Sony Blu-ray Disc and Hard Disk recorder just the other day which may or may not see the light of the rising sun. Now Panny brings it for realz with their new DIGA DMR-BW200 (pictured up top) and BR100 Blu-ray Disc and fatty hard drive recorders. Both drives support DL BD-R/BD-RE (50GB) at 4x speeds and healthy dose of the ol' in and outs including 1080p-capable HDMI. The BW200 is the high-ender and brings a 2x digital (terrestrial and satellite) and 1x terrestrial analog TV tuners, 500GB disk, Firewire to bring an external hard drive to the show or to connect your video cam, and Ethernet for easy EPG G-Guide access. The lower-end BR100 is limited to 1x digital (terrestrial and satellite) and 1x terrestrial analog TV tuners and 200GB of disk. Both should pop for retail on November 15th in Japan with an expected price of about ¥300,000 (about $2,550) for the BW200 and ¥200,000 (about $1,700) for the BR100. Sure, neither measure up to the HD DVD recorder with 1TB disk from Toshiba, but then again, you don't have to worry about 'em tipping over and crushing the pet either.

[Thanks, ccthoo]