Is this Sony's Blu-ray recorder with hard disk?

Pictured above is what appears to be a new Sony Blu-ray Disc recorder which touts an internal HDD -- as in hard disk drive -- on show somewhere in Japan. Now, according to our Japanese bureau, Sony either "isn't decided yet" or there "aren't any details yet" as to whether this shadowy mockup will ever see the light of day. With all the next-gen optical format boys struggling to find blue lasers and Sony still struggling to get their own PS3 console and BDP-S1 player to market, well let's just say we're not holding our breath for this to drop anytime soon. Still, it feels good to share, right?

Update: Reuters is now telling us that Sony plans to release the recorder in Japan before the end of the year. No pricing, non-Nippon launch date, or mention of any internal disk for now. Another Blu-ray device on show after the break.