Samsung's YP-T9 reviewed

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Samsung's YP-T9 reviewed
Alright, we've seen it hit the FCC, China and Korea, but how do we really feel about this new Yepp player diving into the already crowded nano-killer space? According to CNET, we feel "Very good." The YP-T9 sounds to be quite tactile and fun to use, with solid buttons, a nice finish and that lovable Adobe Flash interface. CNET found the 1.8-inch 176 x 220 display to be plenty good for a device of this size, but though photos looked sharp and videos played back smoothly, the device only supports the SVI codec, so it'll be a chore getting any video to watch on the tiny screen. As for performance, the player sounds like a winner -- even using the stock earphones -- and the 30 hours of audio playback and 7 hours of video (Samsung promised 6) are some of the best battery life stats going. The player turns out to be quite a worthy successor to the YP-T8, and while it didn't knock the socks off anybody at CNET-land, it should do all right for itself all the same.

[Thanks, Pennywise]
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