Tokyo Game Show videos aplenty [update 1]

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|09.21.06

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Tokyo Game Show videos aplenty [update 1]

Videos have started hitting the net from the Tokyo Game Show 2006, and they're already impressing us. It's nice to see so many new RPGs coming out. Here are some of the best for your viewing pleasure.

Lost Odyssey
-- to quote Keanu Reeves, "Whoa." FMV RPG? OMG! FTW!

Blue Dragon gameplay
-- this is entirely drool-worthy. Imagine Akira Toriyama characters getting swept up in a Miyazaki epic.

Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dreams trailer
-- looks beautiful, but we need a Japanese translator to know what's going on.

Lost Planet trailer
-- a mech that transforms into a super high-tech snowmobile thing? Woot.

God Hand gameplay -- a spanking good time was had by all, except maybe the women getting spanked in this clip.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 trailer -- more beach volleyball, women in bikinis, and plenty of bounce. Next-generation bounce. In the ball. Duh.

Xbox 360 HD-DVD demonstration -- it may not sound that sexy, but it sure looks it.
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