WoW TCG preview: Bear Form

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|09.20.06

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WoW TCG preview: Bear Form
Druids -- so versatile! Jumping from one form to another, tanking, dealing melee DPS, casting damage spells from afar, and even healing in the blink of an eye. The TCG seems to mimic the online game's playstyle well in this regard. Bear Form is instant cast, costs a single resource, grants you the "protector" ability (think of it as an anytime taunt), and whenever it is removed from play you can pay two more resources to put it back in your hand -- allowing you to shapeshift back later. And being in an animal form allows you access to numerous unique feral abilities -- like the also-previewed Predatory Strikes, which gives your hero +2 ATK while in cat or bear form.
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