Sling to launch Slingbox Tuner, AV, Pro

It apparently slipped beneath our FCC-radar, but a posting on Sling Community shows some interesting developments according to FCC filings. Sling Media's apparently planning at least three new devices (here, here, and here), the Tuner, AV, and Pro. All are listed with confidentiality agreements, but here's what we know, between the FCC and the forums: the SB220-100 tuner will supposedly just have coax in and out; the SB240-100 A/V is the one we saw a week ago today, with S-Video and composite ins (and is apparently not equipped with a tuner); finally, the SB200-100 Pro supposedly has HDMI, a coax tuner (like the original Slingbox), composite, component, and S-Video inputs and outputs. The FCC confidentiality agreement goes up next Thursday, the 28th, so it would seem either Sling's going to have some announcements to make, or the FCC's going to have some announcements to make for them.

[Thanks, KC]