Engadget HD Podcast 032 - 09.22.06

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|09.22.06

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Sorry this one's a bit late -- we were busy, you know, relaunching as Engadget HD! In our first program as the Engadget HD Podcast, Ryan joins us to welcome Engadget HD to the Engadget team! Matt tells us about his busy CEDIA coverage and has a lot to say about everything he saw there: new certifications, new products, amazing picture quality, everything you wanted to know about CEDIA will be laid bare. TiVo is, of course, also brought up thanks to Ben's special experience with ordering of of TiVo.com.

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Hosts: Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Producer: Trent Wolbe

Format: 45:27, 20.9 MB, MP3

Engadget HD @ CEDIA 2006
THX @ CEDIA - THX certification for video displays
HD DVD @ CEDIA - Promotional Tour
Runco @ CEDIA - plasmas that don't forget
Sony @ CEDIA - Pearl First Impressions
InFocus @ CEDIA - Screenplay 777 & IN78EX
Denon @ CEDIA - Rack full of non-HD DVD players
Sharp @ CEDIA - Blu-ray home theater in a box - BD-MPC10
2G HD DVD players announced - HD-A2 & HD-XA2: $499 & $999 - UPDATE
Blackmagic Design announces, HDMI Capture card for $249
Today show, Dancing with the Stars debut in HD, how did they look?
Why you shouldn't order your Series3 from TiVo.com
Weaknees has already upgraded their Series3 to 750GB
HD DirecTiVo 6.3 transmitted last night
Comcast offering over 100 hours of HD VOD beginning...today

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