Introducing Engadget HD!

Peter Rojas
P. Rojas|09.22.06

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Well, the new Engadget isn't the only thing we're unveiling this week. We're very proud to announce the birth of our latest spin-off, Engadget HD, where we'll have obsessive coverage of everything related to high-definition.

For Engadget HD we're teaming up with the amazingly talented bloggers of HD Beat. We've been working closely with them since last year, and it just made sense to go all the way and not only relaunch HD Beat under the Engadget brand, but to fully integrate the editorial teams (like we've done with Engadget Mobile). The result should be fuller and more comprehensive coverage of all things HD, with Engadget continuing to hit all the major announcements and Engadget HD going in-depth in a way that isn't possible on the main site. They'll also be writing about stuff like home theater and high-end audio gear that we've always wanted to have better coverage of on Engadget.

To kick off the site we're giving away a bunch of HDTVs over at Engadget HD. Details in a short few, stick close!
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