Joystiq hands-on: Fuzion Frenzy 2 (Xbox 360)

Ross Miller
R. Miller|09.24.06

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Joystiq hands-on: Fuzion Frenzy 2 (Xbox 360)
Most of us know Fuzion Frenzy as that demo Xbox junkies play when they are sick of Halo but are too lazy to change discs. The full game was a fun but ultimately forgettable collection of minigames. Microsoft is giving the IP another go, and we got to check out one of the minigames from Fuzion Frenzy 2; it turns out, from what we played, the sequel is on track to becoming as forgettable as its predecessor.

The demo, also available on Xbox Live, is a 4-on-4 battle for coins. With flame thrower in tow, you move around a frozen arena while melting ice towers and torching your opponents. The potential in the concept far exceeds its execution here. Aiming proved tricky: you must stop before igniting the air and once the flames start your ability to turn diminishes greatly.

Is this demo -- a minigame that Microsoft deemed worthy to represent the rest of the gang -- indicative of another unimpressive collection? It's hard to say right now, as this is only one part of the final product. Based on this demo, however, we wouldn't expect anything great.
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