Philips self-destructing MRAM on the way

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.25.06

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Philips self-destructing MRAM on the way
Joining the ranks of quintessential kit that any spy (or CuteCircuit-equipped individual) should have on hand is Philips' self-destructing MRAM (magnetoresistive RAM). While securing data typically deals with some sort of password protection or biometrics, Philips' creation takes a page from the Mission: Impossible book by relying on magnetic loops remaining in flux to keep data accessible. Its MRAM chips are wrapped in two layers of soft, metallic foil -- one which is magnetized, and one that acts as a "keeper" by gathering flux from a permanent magnet and maintaining a closed loop surrounding the precious bytes. If a crazed data thief manages to crack open the enclosure and rip into the first layer of foil, all flux breaks loose and magnetic forces immediately raze any top secret files you may have been toting. If you just can't afford to spill those oh-so-privatized digital beans (or you simply enjoy that double agent lifestyle), keep an eye out for the presumably hush-hush release -- assuming, that is, this invention makes it from the patent stage into actual hardware.

[Via New Scientist Tech]
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