Confirmed wonderfulness: Opera browser free for all until June 2007


With the slightly higher than expected price of the Wii, consumers further lamented Nintendo's insistence on squeezing us for every penny we could find under the cushions. The Opera browser would cost twenty dollars or more, and after they promised it to be free? Blasphemy! But soon, news from Japan came that over there, they could download Opera for free, until June 2007. Yet, confusion reigned. What about us, we cried! And moaned. And whined. And apparently, Nintendo took note.

We've been on top of the situation, but now it's confirmed in this official press release from Opera: the browser will be absolutely gratis for all regions until June of next year. That means us early adopters actually get a little bonus, whereas normally the late-comers and lazy gamers always get the best deals. Hah! Serves you right, luddites!

And look! Ecstatic Wii-loving swimmers! Wooooo!

[Thanks, Nushio!]