Tetsuya Mizuguchi talks about non-existing girls and alcohol

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Tetsuya Mizuguchi talks about non-existing girls and alcohol
You should know that Tetsuya Mizuguchi is a gaming god to me. Lumines is still one of the best games on the system by far, and Mizuguchi's puzzling sequel has me more than a little excited. CVG recently had an intimate discussion with the gaming master, and he had some really crazy, possibly drug-induced things to say:

CVG: Can you tell us a bit about the title song in Lumines 2, 'Heavenly Star'?
Mizuguchi: So the girl in the video, she is 17 years-old. She doesn't exist in this world; she's a future girl. She was born in outer space and she's never touched on this planet yet. This is kind of the big love song for the Earth; she's always dreaming of what kind of place Earth is.

Uh... Okay... Maybe the guy had a bit too much to drink before the interview:

CVG: How important is synesthesia - integrating music and visuals - in Lumines? More or less important than in Rez or Every Extend Extra?

Mizuguchi: Rez is kind of tequila; a very strong shot, but Lumines is like a Sauvignon Blanc; a wine you can drink at Sunday lunch.

Yep. The secret to Mizuguchi's success has to be some kind of chemical influence. Maybe you too can become a successful game designer with the right... materials...
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