Wal-Mart passing on Wii demo units due to safety?

As any console launch date draws near, you can usually count on one thing happening: being able to test out that fresh new machine at your local Wally World, whether or not they have any in stock, and regardless of whether you can actually afford to take one home. However, when November 19th rolls around, you're likely to be stuck demoing the oh-so-coveted PlayStation 3 all by its lonesome. It's being reported that Wal-Mart will not have its usual demo station for the Nintendo Wii for simple safety concerns over the fling-fests that could inevitably ensue. While it's certainly not a stretch to envision how quickly a Wii Sports battle could morph into a full-fledged spat, the world's largest retailer is apparently playing it safe by keeping those untethered Wiimotes out of the unpredictable hands of youngsters (and us not-so-young folk, too). Although the corporate giant won't answer its phone and the big N refuses to comment on rumors, our pals over at Joystiq were able to confirm the lack of pre-planned demo space for the Wii in the Q4 store layouts. So while you might not have much luck trying out the Wii at your nearest 24-hour SuperCenter, you can rest assured it'll be available -- along with those questionably priced accessories -- for purchase.