More Wiimote details revealed

Although we know quite a bit more about the Wiimote now than we did before E3, many of the specifics about this controller have remained a closely-guarded secret, so we were pretty stoked to learn that the folks over at IGN were able to get their hands on a big fat developer documentation kit chock full of juicy details. For starters, we now know that this wireless input device will be powered by a pair of regular AA alkalines, giving the unit 30 hours of battery life with the precision aim function activated, or up to 60 hours if only the accelerometer is being used. It's also being reported that remaining battery life will be indicated at startup by those four LEDs on the front of the controller, which will serve double duty to show which player is communicating with the console at a given moment. Other tidbits here include deets on synchronization (yes, the Wiimote definitely uses Bluetooth), some more specifics about the built-in rumble motor, and speculation about the controller's use of 6KB of internal memory and possible use as a digital camera. For the sake of brevity, we've glossed over most of the revelations here, so make sure to follow the Read link for all sorts of info that Nintendo doesn't want you to know yet.

[Via Joystiq]