China building IPv6 infrastructure

Alan Rose
A. Rose|09.27.06

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China building IPv6 infrastructure
China can't wait for Internet2, builds IPv6 infrastructureChina is looking to take the lead in the adoption of Internet Protocol Version 6, and steal a little thunder from the Internet2 consortium in the process. The China Education and Research Network has already connected nearly 200 universities and institutes using the new protocol, while China Telecom and China Mobile are expected to begin trial runs with IPv6 by the end of the year. This initiative is intended to reduce China's dependence on foreign hardware suppliers such as US-based Cisco Systems, and also help Chinese IT manufacturers become more competitive globally.

Naturally, the gaming industry will also benefit from the advancements of IPv6, particularly in the mobile space where gamers on the go will have unique static IP addresses, in addition to improved data, voice, and video transmissions. Visit the IPv6 portal to learn more.

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