Diebold makes its e-poll book software "glitch-free"

Ah, Diebold, our favorite democracy-threatening, gadget-makingpunchingbag. Earlier this week, Diebold showed off a software fix to Maryland election officials of the company's new "e-poll books," a device to keep track of voter records and registration. The e-poll books previously had been marred by a glitch that caused machines in every precinct to freeze and reboot during the recent Maryland primaries, reports The Washington Post. However, there still remain two big problems that Diebold is mystified at: "why some units failed to communicate properly with one another, and why some access cards -- which voters receive after checking in and must insert into a voting machine -- 'did not encode.'" Yeah, that would be a problem, considering that these machines are crucial in, we dunno, the very foundation of our democracy. Also, for the record, Diebold says that its other voting machines "worked well," which in Diebold-speak means glitch-free but with the usual shoddy security.