Final Fantasy says farewell to Itadaki Street

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|09.29.06

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Final Fantasy says farewell to Itadaki Street

Itadaki Street has been praised and favored over the years by Square-Enix fans for its combination of classic Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest characters and placing them in a particularly quirky board game.

For a few years now, Itadaki Street has made appearances in Japan with the same concept. But it appears that the wind has changed for the game. Judging from the scan found on the NeoGAF forums, a key element seems to be missing -- Final Fantasy.

In place of Cloud rests another all time favorite of the game business, Mario. Why we are sad to see Aeris and Yuffie leave, the new addition to the team seems interesting. Yet it leaves one question -- is this a temporary set back or permanent change?

Check out the scan after the break and see for yourself.

[Thanks JC!]

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