Fossil drops three more Bluetooth watches

Sony Ericsson and Fossil didn't just get their hands dirty with a single power-user Bluetooth watch, it turns out they have 'em for the unwashed masses as well. On the left we have the Fossil Caller ID FX6001, while they other two answer to ABACUS MobileWear AU6001 and AU6002. Unfortunately, these watches look to be lacking any sort of music playback controls, and are still beholden to Sony Ericsson compatibility -- though it doesn't seem like it'd be too hard to hack up a phone from a different manufacturer for some Bluetooth watch fun. The good news is that these watches are headed straight for the States, on the cheap. The FX6001 will be available in late October for $250, while the AU6001 and AU6002 will be out in mid-October for $200, with some UK and Germany availability as well. Friends, these are good days to be in possession of a wrist.