Sony Ericsson and Fossil team up for Bluetooth watch

We're just not sure what there isn't to love about Sony Ericsson and Fossil joining forces to bust out sexy Bluetooth watches. The duo's new MBW-100 effortlessly pulls off that "I'm probably a secret agent, but I don't need to parade it around" look that we've been trying to pull off ever since we can remember, and the watch packs in some useful Bluetooth 2.0 stuff as well. First off, there's a straight-up analog watch face, which keeps this thing classy, while a small OLED display below helps you manage the Bluetooth functions, shows incoming caller and notifies you of new SMS messages. If receiving a call, you can tap a button to silence the phone ringer, twice to reject the call, while another button handles play/pause and track skipping on your music player. The stainless steel watches will come in the silver color pictured, along with a limited-edition black version, and Sony Ericsson hopes to be shipping these globally Q4 2006 for around 300 Euros ($382 US). Keep reading for a few hugemongous pics and a pre-release user guide snippet we got our hands on.

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