Red Pocket Mobile MVNO for Chinese-speaking Americans launches

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Red Pocket Mobile MVNO for Chinese-speaking Americans launches
MVNO's may not seem like quite the hot thing they once were given today's news, but (thankfully for us) the steady stream of niche-market operators looks to be continuing unabated, at least for the time being. One of the latest to launch is Red Pocket Mobile, aimed at Chinese-speaking customers, which actually soft-launched two weeks ago but is now going after a larger audience. The big news with this one is that it'll give you discounted calls to Asia (15 cents per minute; same as a domestic call), as well as a stylin' RAZR V3 to go with it -- a Motorola C139 is also available if you want to save a few bucks. For those keeping track of such things, this MVNO's piggybacking on Cingular's GSM network. Which means that, like others backed up by Cingular, you can expect this one to be voice-only, since data usage is a no-no for its MVNO buddies.

[Via The Wireless Report]
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