Venzero getting Lifesaver, miniONE, lil'ONE and ONE out the door

Those crazy kids over at Venzero have been so busy padding their product line, it seems like they keep forgetting to actually ship their growing group of media players and on-the-go storage devices. Well, they've finally gotten around to prepping these things for reals, and are now taking pre-orders for their initial shipments on October 2nd for the miniONE and lil'ONE players, along with the Lifesaver storage unit. Of course, they couldn't help themselves with one more spec announcement: they're bumping the Venzero ONE to 12GB of storage, and will be shipping it on October 17th. As for prices, the Lifesaver comes in 8 and 12GB flavors, starting at $149, the miniONE does 1 or 2GB, starting at $119, the lil'ONE starts at $199 with 6 and 8GB options, and the 12GB ONE tops 'em all out at $289. Venzero also has a "mystery" product on their page, that looks to have the rough dimensions of a closed DS lite, which seems to imply they're prepping a widescreen video player of sorts for their next project -- but we'll be happy enough if they actually manage to ship this first batch next week.