Softbank pulls a DoCoMo, launches 12 phones

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|09.29.06

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Softbank pulls a DoCoMo, launches 12 phones
Adding a confusing, seemingly endless array of new handsets in one fell swoop is a tactic we normally reserve for NTT DoCoMo (and more recently, KDDI), but far be it from Vodafone Japan-turned-Softbank Mobile to get left out of the fray, launching 12 phones -- plus a data card -- for October delivery. Notable in the bunch are the X01HT (essentially a Hermes tweaked for the Japanese market, a la the Z) and the 705NK, a rebranded Nokia N73. If we get even one third the love spread out over an entire quarter on a US carrier, we're elated -- we obviously live in the wrong country.
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