Check out the E-400, K10D and NV7 in their Photokina glory

The peeps over at got their grubby mitts on some digicam hawterness over at Photokina and they've posted up their impressions for y'all to see. In the high end we have the Olympus EVOLT E-400 DSLR (top) with a £700 list price ($1324 US) for its Europe-only launch. Overall, it seems the 10 megapixel camera is a solid offering, with a particularly small form factor, but since you're not exactly going to be slipping this into your jeans pocket, that doesn't really set it apart from the crowd, and neither do the rest of its features. It should work for the more casual users, but DCI isn't really feeling this one for other higher-end uses. As for the Pentax K10D (middle), the DCI folks have pretty much nothing but praise, and are thinking it could work out as a budget alternative to the Nikon D200, and might be a fit for the pro set if the image quality is good enough. With a 10 megapixel CCD and features like shake reduction and dust reduction, all wrapped up in a well-made, weatherproof and easy to use package, the K10D could well be a worthy successor to the K1000, and at 1,000 Euros ($1,269 US), the price isn't too shabby neither. Finally, on the point and shoot end, there's the Samsung NV7 OPS. The $400 cam features an optically stabilized lens, 7.2 megapixel CCD, and an interesting "Smart Touch" interface, which involves buttons along the side of the LCD for intuitive menu navigation. Apparently the interface works great, but the rest of the camera isn't so hot. Performance is pretty clunky, and while DCI is reserving judgement on image quality until they can get the NV7 into the lab, the initial impressions weren't great. The good news is that colors looked accurate, and the image stabilization worked fine.

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