Philips Simplicity Event 2006 shows off conceptual shiny toys

Philips is currently demoing various concept products at its Simplicity Event 2006 expo this week in London, some of which may or may not see the light of day. Among our favorites that we've spotted are the new Drag Draw (pictured above), a new light-emitting pen that will let you make crazy illustrations on any surface, so you can unleash that fantasy of scribbling up your bedroom wall -- without doing any permanent damage. Our next favorite is the Versa Tiles (pictured on next page), a series of moveable hexagonal tiles to lay down on a floor that creates a game that is basically Dance Dance Revolution meets Simon. Finally, to round out the trio are a pair of spherical weights (also pictured after the break) that glow pink and include athletic sensors that monitors your workout progress. No word on if we'll ever actually see any of these, but if Philips wanted to oblige us, we'd be happy to take on challengers for Versa Tiles at the next Engadget reader meetup.

[Photos courtesy of GadgetCentre]