The AQUAPICT LED jellyfish

If something just doesn't feel right unless every previously unoccupied AC outlet in your home is channeling power to some sort of artificial lighting, the AQUAPICT LED jellyfish would fit right in amongst the party lights and display shelves. Although certain deep sea creatures might become a bit testy with time, this trio of well-lit marine animals are guaranteed not to sting, and even power down completely after two hours without attention. Aside from the obvious underwater features, the device sports an on / off switch, three selectable lighting patterns, and striking similarities to your Kota Nezu Jellyfish speakers. The LED activity can be personalized by choosing "deep-sea" or "normal" mode, which apparently provides an option for a more vivid, colorful viewing experience while also offering a soothing alternative that's heavy on the blues. You can get an electrified reminder of your favorite squishy, poisonous ocean dwellers for just ¥15,540 ($132).

[Via Uber-Review]