Undercover: Dual Motives for your dual screens

Austrian developer Sproing's PC game, Undercover: Operation Wintersun, has just been released in Europe and now the company's announced a prequel for the Nintendo handheld. The new title, Undercover: Dual Motives, adds a second character in keeping with the "dual" theme. Secretary Audrey joins researcher-turned-spy Dr. John Russell in the investigative action title. The current game follows Dr. Russell as he investigates a German nuclear threat in 1943, and all we currently know is that the DS game will follow the good doctor in his early years.

Like many upcoming DS games that feature dual heroes, you can switch back and forth easily between Audrey and Dr. Russell, and each will bring something unique to the mystery. "This opens up a lot of new possibilities for puzzle design in adventure games, which will make Undercover: Dual Motives a very special gaming experience not only for genre fans," said Sproing's creative director Harald Riegler. Sounds like they're trying to blend the best features of the interactive touchscreen with the fun of an action game. Toss in an interesting story and you've got a recipe for something that could be great. Undercover: Dual Motives is scheduled for release in March of 2007, starting in Germany.