Japanese hardware sales, 25 September - 31 September: Corner drug dealer edition

Mmmmm ....

Everyone's doing it, man. People say you can get addicted to heroin, or cocaine, or all that stuff. But let me tell you something, kid. Cocaine doesn't evolve. Heroin can't level the hell up. I got what you need, kid, right here, and for a low, low price.

This ain't no gym. You won't find some weak Pidgey crap here, man. You look like a tough guy, I think I've got somethin' for ya ... yeah, this is the stuff. We call it rare candy, if you know what I mean. The devil's Fun Dip, if you will. You want that Dragonite, kid? This is the way to go.

What's it cost? I'm not askin' for much, here, pal. Maybe a couple of sales figures in return for my trouble. Oh, you got a couple? All right, lay 'em on me, kid, there we go, ahhhhh, that's some good stuff ....

- DS Lite: 274,389

134,554 (96.22%)
- PS2: 31,992

681 (2.08%)
- PSP: 25,319

2,201 (9.52%)
- Xbox 360: 2,195

1,086 (97.93%)
- GBA SP: 1,811

334 (15.57%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,103

83 (7.00%)
- Gamecube: 523

240 (31.45%)
- DS Phat: 253

63 (19.94%)
- GBA: 10

10 (50.00%)
- Xbox: 3

5 (62.5%)

Never again, kid? Sure. I'll be seeing you again ... I guarantee it.

[Source: Media Create]

[Special thanks to my roommate, Ryan, for the inspiration.]