We need a little more White Knight Story in our lives...

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|10.08.06

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We need a little more White Knight Story in our lives...
It's been a little while since we've heard about Level 5's White Knight Story, arguably one of the coolest games shown at TGS, less arguably and more accepted as the most badass RPG shown at TGS. Akihiro Hino, producer of White Knight Story, sat down for a quickie with IGN recently. There, some interesting pieces of information were revealed... mostly resulting in mad respect points.

First off, they expect to have a full RPG experience -- we mean a 50-60 hour gameplay time, which no next-gen game has even come close to attaining. This means the game will take its time in development. That's a situation Hino had to fight for. Initially, there was some pressure by Sony to try to get the game out in time for the PS3's launch window. That would have cut the story, thereby the whole experience, short. Respect for taking the time to make a good game, Level 5. Respect. We'll see this game in 2007, hopefully.
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