I-O Data releases wiREVO Bluetooth headphones

Everyone is looking for a good pair of Bluetooth headphones these days, but the problem with most models -- including the recently-unveiled FreePulses from Logitech -- is the big plastic neckband that makes it impossible to ball them up and stuff in a pocket. Enter I-O Data and its two new pairs of wiREVO 3-in-1 wireless headsets, both of which eschew the plastic for a much more pliable wire, and which -- we're hesitant to admit -- seem to look a lot hotter than our iPhono minis from Bluetake. The WRH-S30B (and WRH-S30W, in white -- pictured above) promise 24-bit stereo sound from the over-the-ear cans, and feature an in-line mic plus control buttons to support the Bluetooth headset and AVRCP profiles. With the WRH-H20B (and, you guessed it, WRH-H20W in white), you're getting regular earbud-style headphones attached to a Bluetooth pendant with length-adjustable cable, all of which you're supposed to wear around your neck. Both models should be available at major retailers sometime this month, with the S30s going for $99 and the H20s priced at $109; if your DAP lacks Bluetooth, though, you needn't worry: you can pick up either pair of headphones bundled with an iPod adapter for $169 or a generic dongle for $149.