Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 2nd - Oct 8th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|10.09.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Oct 2nd - Oct 8th

The Burning Crusade

Some interesting new details on the arena PvP system we'll be seeing in the expansion.
BC hunter talents -- coming soon?
Drysc answers a few druid questions.
Blizzard updates the Burning Crusade spells & talents section, with major changes for priests as well as a couple of other tweaks.
The Burning Crusade collector's edition is officially unveiled.
An interesting leaked screenshot gives us a hint of what to expect from itemization in the Burning Crusade.
What's the collector's edition going to cost us? $69.99?
A handful of tidbits about Burning Crusade spell and talent mechanics.
A new set of hunter talent rumors.
No, we still don't have word on what the priest racial abilities will be for the new races, but we have a new hint.
Bug fixes, professions, and mount speeds in the Burning Crusade.
Is this screenshot confirmation of the leaked hunter talent trees?
If you still haven't gotten your hunter fix, here's a list of rumored pet talents.
Possible jewelcrafting abilities.
Major addon changes coming with the expansion release.
Buying the Burning Crusade collector's edition for profit?

Breakfast Topics & discussion
What do you think -- will the Burning Crusade launch be smooth, or disastrous?
Dave asks if anyone is really into this holiday thing.
Guilds and the shared player experience.
So what's your favorite race?
Before the South Park episode aired, Dave wondered how they'll kill Kenny.
What did you think of South Park's Make Love, Not Warcraft?
Some thoughts on dealing with off-spec players.
So are you going to be buying the collector's edition or not?
The final word on Make Love Not, Not Warcraft (or is it?).
Packrats and the World of Collectorcraft mini-game.
So, what was your biggest fanboy moment?
Is the new token-based loot system for better or worse?
What do you think are the Seven Wonders of WoW?

This player managed to stay Grand Marshal for nine months -- and here I gave up on PvP after rank 6!
To /afk or not to /afk -- that is the question.

An unpreventable case of WoW addiction. (Oh noes!)

Tips & tricks
Mike covers how to quit a group.
So you want to be a raider... A how to for players trying to find their way into raid content.
WoW Rookie covers vendor trash and the auction house.

Around Azeroth

The gnome airfield, high above Ironforge.
One of the many massive insect towers in Silithus.
Darned rich Night Elves and their piles of gold...
The Argent Dawn at Light's Hope Chapel.
Meet C'thun (you know you want to).
The stunning sunset over Menethil Harbor.

There was a brief chance, last week, for European players to reserve themselves a slot in the beta test.
Another comic contest honorable mention.
And another comic contest honorable mention.

Bugs & maintenance

Blizzard is trying to make sure that the Dark Portal opening doesn't turn into the lagfest that the Gates of Ahn' Qiraj opening did.
Bug or feature? You used to be able to accumulate rested experience after you'd reached level 60 -- and now you can't.
There was extended Tuesday maintenance for numerous US realms.
Blizzard brings up four new realms.

Guilds & raiding
This week's GuildWatch mocks us with more tales of bosses downed and mad epix received.

Blizzard news
The length of time before paid character transfers can be opened has been extended to six months.

Odds & ends

In-game rewards you can acquire from the TCG have been revealed!
The Escapist talks about the transition from MMO to TCG.
Proof that people who play this game are just plain strange -- the Stoneskin Gargoyle Cape is white and longer than your average cape.
This blog roundup covers the fairness of DKP, 10 bad MMO choices, whether melee classes really have more fun, and the ever-interesting Paladinsucks blog.
A new Zboard is going to be coming out in time for the expansion.
This week's Phat Loot Phriday brings us the king of epics -- Deathcharger's Reins.
Seeing Razorfen Downs for the first time.
One naked Troll, a dream, and a lot of free time. (Need I say more?)

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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