Coby MP-C951 spotted at J&R in New York

It wasn't so long ago that we caught a glimpse of Coby's new media player, the PMP4320. But what we'd really like to get our hands on is Coby's apparent competitor to the GoGear SA9100 and SA9200, the MP-C951. Although it too was first demoed at CES, Coby has been saying on its site that the player would be "coming soon - Summer '06" for the last few months. According to Coby, this little MP3 player has a 20GB drive, plays MP3 / WMA / OGG files, supports USB 2.0, packs an FM tuner, a voice recorder, and a line-in jack. However, no one had actually seen one of these players in the wild until today, when DAPreview spotted one today at electronics retailer J&R in New York. The site found after holding and playing with the MP-C951 for a few minutes that it had a "solid build," remarking on its touch-sensitive d-pad, noticing that the buttons seemed a bit too sensitive and observing that it had two mini USB jacks on the bottom (one probably for USB On-The-Go. The MP-C951 has an MSRP of $300, but sells at J&R and Amazon for $210. Be sure to catch an additional hands-on pic of the interface on the next page.