Philips announces GoGear SA9100 and SA9200 DAPs

Evan Blass
E. Blass|06.14.06

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Philips announces GoGear SA9100 and SA9200 DAPs
Blu-ray players and portable media centers weren't the only thing on Royal Philips Electronics' mind today, as the company also revealed a new pair of flash-based GoGear DAPs as part of the "Holidays in June" campaign. We've already seen Philips do the flash thing before -- not to mention the hard drive thing -- but with the nano-like SA9100 and SA9200 the company has chosen to drop the low capacities of old in favor of 1GB and 2GB of storage, respectively. Both models also sport color screens for viewing photos and album art, a backlit touchpad for navigation, FM tuner, voice recorder, and a rechargeable battery promising 14 hours of playback, and both devices are also PlaysForSure-compliant. You'll be able to pick up the higher capacity model for around $200 when it hits stores next month, while the single gig unit will cost about $150 at its scheduled September release.

Read- GoGear SA9100
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