HP's shiny new concept devices

Looks like Fujitsu's not the only company showing off products that you're not likely to get your mitts on anytime soon, with HP recently unveiling its vision of personal computing in the year 2016. The centerpiece of the lineup is this wouldn't-be-caught-dead-wearing watch seen here which, if HP has its way, could someday come loaded with a holographic display and Ultra Wide Band (UWB) connectivity. That'll let the watch communicate with the array of other equally shiny devices HP's showing off -- including laptops and tablet PCs -- that rely entirely on network storage, as well a so-called "smart shelf" which can be used to recharge the watch and display information on a huge screen atop it. Other non-working prototypes include a smart coffee table with built-in interactive displays and slots for a tablet PC, rollable multi-purpose display mats, and a digital wallet that'll keep track of your online transactions. Of course, HP then went on to show off some of its current products at the same event, successfully dampening whatever enthusiasm there might have been for Pocket PC phones and GPS devices. More pics after the break.

[Via Slashgear]