iPod docks galore clutter up retail channels

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iPod docks galore clutter up retail channels
We're not exactly sure how many different (or not so different) iPod docks are absolutely necessary, but we suppose the money is good, so we can't be too terribly hard on these manufacturers trying to make a quick buck with their endless iterations of the infernal things. Today's flavors comprise a virtual cornucopia of boringness, with Onkyo, Elecom and iLive all trying their darnedest not to stick out. Onkyo starts things off with their Wave Radio-inspired AERO Sound System (pictured), which includes CD playback, has a 5 watt 2 channel speaker, and will go for around 40,000 to 50,000 yen (about $335 to $419 US) when it goes on sale on November 30th. Next we have the the ASP-WP8 from Elecom, which boasts of 5.5 watt 2 channel sound, some decent looks and a 16,065 yen pricetag ($135 US). The ASP-WP8 will be out in late October. Finally, we have the painfully named IHMD8816DT Home Docking System from iLive, which boasts of full-on DVD playback along with the simple iPod docking action, and will be retailing for around $160. All three players come with cute little remotes, and while the first two appear to be Japan-only, the iLive dock should be inciting yawns from the store shelves of our very own shores. Check out the Elecom and iLive after the break.

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