Joystiq at NYC's Final Fantasy Day festivities

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Joystiq at NYC's Final Fantasy Day festivities

New York City's Times Square was overwhelmed by Final Fantasy fans as Square-Enix premiered the English language version of the upcoming Final Fantasy XII, which will be playable at this week's DigitalLife conference, which starts tomorrow. The trailer, shown to great excitement amongst fans, featured great visuals (as expected) and some truly impressive voice acting. For those of you that have HDTVs, you'll be glad to know that the US version has been enhanced with new anamorphic widescreen (16:9) functionality.

Check out a shaky-cam version of the trailer, and some pics from the event after the break.

Times Square tourists were assaulted by rabid fans, hungry for some free poster action. The guy on the right grimaces, thinking up of new erotic fanfics he can write about his not-so-secret love, Fran.

The media was assaulted by the Judge when we questioned Vaan's sexuality.

Final Fantasy XII hits stores on Halloween, to the great satisfaction of cosplayers throughout the country.

OMG? Is Al Roker dressed up as a Black Mage???

A representative from the Mayor's office declared today the official Final Fantasy Day...

Producer Akitoshi Kawazu then unleashed a swarm of giant Chocobos to eat us all.

A Q&A session followed. This fan is most likely asking for Sora and Riku to hook up in the next Kingdom Hearts game. (Wait, they haven't already?)

Insert your own hilarious caption here! No, we're serious. Make the funniest caption, and you'll get a Large Final Fantasy XII t-shirt. (US residents only, thanks.)
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