Naked girls that you'll never see playing games

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|10.11.06

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Kevin Kelly
October 11th, 2006
Naked girls that you'll never see playing games has a calendar featuring naked folks in it these days. Sports teams, firemen, older ladies gardening in the UK -- everyone is stripping off in order to raise money for one cause or another. The tried and true method of having someone pictured in the buff above February's grid squares has been selling calendars and lining mechanic's shops for years, and now it comes with a fresh scoop of video games.

Totally Nerdcore has launched a calendar to try and please gamers and simultaneously line their own pockets. It contains full-on nudity, and the site doesn't come close to being SFW, so surf at your own peril. Yes, you can now own a photo of a naked woman wearing nothing but a Nintendo Power Glove, complete with a convenient, built-in hanging loop. It will really tie your game room together.

These girls are clearly models, and just gaming poseurs -- a slap in the face to real girl gamers like PMS Clan and the Frag Dolls. If someone puts together a calendar with those girls in it, for charity or not, it'll pwn all other video game calendars, except perhaps the hot action of Games Shipping This Week.

In other news, don't look for the Joystiq: All Nude calendar anytime soon.

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[Warning: link NSFW]
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