Accenture Technology finalizing persuasive mirror, behavior monitoring systems

Pretty soon our homes will not only be staffed entirely by robots of all varieties catering to our every need, but we'll have mirrors that pull triple duty as surveillance cameras and best friends. Accenture Technology, the folks behind the elusive "persuasive mirror," is edging closer to a finalized product that can survey your facial features, love handles, and overall girth in order to communicate the honest truth about what you should (or could) do to improve your deteriorating image. The mirror operates by inspecting your body via cameras on each side of the panel, and displays "after" portraits on a monitor to give you a futuristic glimpse of what you'd look like should you shave, trim your bangs, hit the weight room, or start a DDR exercise routine. No longer will you have to doubt the integrity of your "close friends" when it comes to making personal hygiene decisions, as the persuasive mirror apparently feels that honesty is the best policy, even if it rattles your self-esteem. Moreover, the firm has crafted a prototype monitoring system that utilizes memory sensors to determine if subjects are deviating from "normal patterns of behavior." Current implementation ideas are to watch for meandering thieves in a parking lot, straying employees, and mischievous baggage handlers at airports. While the company is currently testing the technology out in France, you might want to think twice before venturing too far from the daily norm, although we aren't exact certain of the consequences should your lack of conformity set off any "abnormal" alerts.