Here comes the Pepper Pad 3!

As expected, the Pepper folks are busting out their new Pepper Pad 3, which is supposedly "now available," though we're having a hard time spotting it up for anything but pre-order. The new unit isn't too much of a departure from its Pepper Pad Plus predecessor, but it has slimmed down a bit, and is running the new 3.0 OS, which claims enhancements such as 3x faster web browsing and enhanced video performance. There's also "faster" 802.11g WiFi and USB 2.0, and Pepper claims they've got a SDK out, so we might finally see a bit of application support. The new form factor is 0.9-inches thick, weighs 2 pounds, and the screen size has been trimmed down to 7-inches, but while we didn't have a terrible time holding this thing in one hand for snapping a few pics, it's not going to slip into your shirt pocket anytime soon. We could've done for a bit more of a refresh to the QWERTY keys, but we suppose they'll have to do, and if the purported speed increases from the new OS and the AMD LX800 processor prove true, the Pepper Pad 3 should serve its teensy little niche market well enough. And for $700, it sure oughta. Keep reading for a few more action shots.