Sony goes ape with A2DP stereo Bluetooth accessories

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In addition to their new S-series Walkmans announced earlier, Sony also unleashed a whole suite of Bluetooth 2.0 accessories all supporting the A2DP profile for untethered stereo audio. Starting top-left and moving clockwise, we find the WLA-NWB1 Bluetooth adapter exclusively for the new NW-S700/S600 series players and on sale in Japan November 18th for ¥7,000/$59. With that installed, you can listen in from either the DR-BT20NX (¥20,000/$167) neck strap system or DR-NT30Q (¥13,000/$109) mini-cans each with microphone and support for a wide range of profiles for use with cellphones, handsfree kit, or any portable audio player. What's more, you can control any of those devices supporting Bluetooth's AVRCP profile. Also announced are the HWS-BTA2W (¥8,000/$67) transmitter/receiver and TMR-BT10 (¥8,000/$67) transmitter for enabling just about any device with Bluetooth stereo audio. Rounding things out is the big ol' 6-watt, SRS-BTM30 Bluetooth speaker (¥14,000/$117) which includes a stereo mini-jack with up to 15 hours of continuous playback off battery. These will all hit Japan October 21st. And when they land in the US, we might even proclaim that A2DP has indeed, arrived. See all the accessories in their biggie pic glory after the break.

[Via Impress]

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