Apple files (another?) patent for universal remote

According to Macnn, in August 2005 Apple filed for a USP&TO patent titled "Apparatus and method to facilitate universal remote control." Thing is, we already saw a similar (the same?) patent application filed by Apple back in April 2002. Perhaps this is just a tweaked resubmit due to the original's rejection, we don't know. Still, since the time of either filing, we've seen Apple release their Apple Remote and more recently, the announcement of their initial foray into the living room with their iTV video streaming box. So a move to develop a universal remote with a large, touch-screen display capable of auto-discovering and then controlling infrared or Bluetooth devices certainly makes more sense than ever before. Just think, your brand new wireless video ipod could also control Apple's product line-up and living room traditionals like the television, DVD, and stereo. Oh wait, we already know how to do that... and so does iRiver.

[Via Cult of Mac]